Quality Policy

Vision: To enter the largest among the top 1,000 companies that export in Turkey.

Mission: Fluid transfer systems are produced by developing flexible and effective solutions.

Values: Collaboration, Human Focus, Customer Focus, Continuous Improvement


İBRAŞ  Kauçuk rubber family;

  1. By considering the needs of our social stakeholders, by producing fluid transfer systems with developing high technology, aiming to be the leader of the sector in the hose and bellows group;
  2. We will implement Quality Management Systems on the basis of continuous improvement in accordance with national and international standards with the strategic management model, and we will progress towards professional excellence by improving production processes.
  3. As the fulfillment of customer requirements is our most important priority, we will provide a return by understanding customer expectations and needs correctly, with a zero defect policy, at the appropriate time and by producing appropriate solutions;
  4. With the awareness that human resource is the most valuable element; We will promote and expand our employees' individual knowledge, skills and responsibility behaviors by giving them the opportunity to participate in various issues in organizations and to act fairly in the activities carried out in order to increase the motivation of the employees;
  5. We will comply with all applicable local and national laws and regulations, act fairly and transparently in all legal relations, act in accordance with moral values;
  6. We will pay attention to the confidentiality and protection of the private information of our company, our customers, our employees and other relevant persons and organizations we work with;
  7. We will use our limited natural resources and energy efficiently; We will ensure continuous improvement and improvement in harmony with the environment while planning and implementing our activities and we will be transparent while continuing our activities;
  8. With the belief that all occupational accidents and occupational diseases are preventable, we will determine the possible accident risks in advance and take the necessary precautions;
  9. We will contribute to the development of our suppliers in order to ensure product quality and safety in line with the needs and regulations of the automotive industry;

Together with all our employees, we undertake to establish and maintain the Total Quality Concept in our company by providing the necessary resources in line with our policies and values.

On behalf of All Employees

General manager
İsmail TATAR